How To Calculate Interest Rate on Gold Loan

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gold loan

Gold has been a major investment cornerstone for thousands of years. Today, banks and other lenders offer a gold loan ranging from 18k to 24k. These loans are secured with the customer’s gold, which is kept at the bank as collateral for the loan. If you’re interested in gold loans, it’s important to take into… Read more »

How To Get Gold Loans

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If you need some extra money available and are looking for a short-term loan option, you may not know that you can get a gold loan. There are a variety of gold loan schemes available with different features. What Are Gold Loans? A gold loan is a secured loan where you keep your gold with… Read more »

Where To Sell Silver Flatware?

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silver flatware

Are you looking for the most reliable and practical place to sell silver flatware? Many individuals have silver flatware; either they inherited their family’s silver-plated items, accepted silver tea sets as a wedding present that outlasted the marriage itself, or own silver-plated pieces they no longer use. While silver has become unpopular, and gold is… Read more »

Can You Sell Silver Bars?

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Silver is perceived as an appealing substitute to gold, which has shown high price volatility as time goes by. Silver bars and coins are a favoured investment as they can be sold relatively fast and will forever maintain a reasonable amount of value. A day will come when you have to sell your silver coins… Read more »

Are Silver Bars Valuable?

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A silver bar is a precious metal nowadays with the best total value and is one of the best means of owning silver bullion. Every time the silver price increases, investors’ fondness in the silver market intensifies, with countless questioning if it’s time to buy silver bar and have it as a portion of their… Read more »

Are Coins Worth Collecting?

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Rare Canadian one dollar coin under a magnifying glass

Some people collect coins, but are they worth it? Is it actually a good investment? That’s the question that many coin collectors ask themselves. It can be difficult to answer this question as there are so many different types of coins and collecting them is a very time-consuming process. In this article, we will discuss… Read more »