Green Moolaa

Buying used goods the smart way

Everybody knows that buying used cars are lot cheaper than buying a new car from a dealer. In the same way, nowadays you can also buy quality used items at fifty to seventy percent of the retail price.

Traditionally the only way to buy used items were looking for treasures in a garage sale or or community news paper such as Penny Saver. Pawn shops are also a good alternative to buying used items but many people stay away from pawn shops for personal reasons.

In the past ten to fifteen years online trading has increased in popularity and many people have turned to online to buy used items. People routinely buy used items on web sites such as Kijiji and E Bay for fraction of the cost. However, there are some perils that comes with online purchase:

  • No option to test or touch/feel the item before you buy
  • No warranty unless you are buying from a reputable retailer
  • You have to send the money and wait for your product
  • Items may not be as described
  • When buying items on Kijiji, although it may work for the first hour, it may stop working after 1 hour or so due to over heating etc. (it happens to electronic items such as gaming systems).
  • You could be buying stolen or unethical items from strangers

Buying used goods at Green Moolaa is a practical way to buy used goods at reasonable prices.

  • We only buy quality used goods items
  • Our products are tested and cleaned before resale
  • Our products comes with warranty so you have peace of mind
  • You are dealing with a reputable business that has been in the same location for over 20 years
  • We have trade-in option

Come check out our store when you have a moment. You will be surprised to see what we have.