Green Moolaa

Selling used items at Green Moolaa Brampton

If you have quality used items and you want to get rid them of them, you have lot more options today than 10 years.

Prior to the invention of internet, the only option people had was either to sell on a garage sale or advertise in community news papers such as the Penny Saver.

Today there are several online options such as Kijiji and E Bay. Some of the services are free but some will come at a cost.

Although these options are at your disposal they do come with some disadvantages such as:

  • You need to take photographs and list the item on the web site
  • You have to manage the listing to make sure that the visibility is good on first page
  • You will have several calls or e mails including people who make low offers
  • You may have to meet strangers at strange places to execute the sale
  • Buyer may change their mind
  • You may have to deal with payment processors such as PayPal and this cost you money and it will take several days for you to get your money.
  • You may have to ship the item and deal with returns.

We at Green Moolaa, give you a practical option for you to sell your used goods. We have qualified buyers ready to assist you and we are open  days a week. We are conveniently located at Queen St East and Rutherford in Brampton. Our process is very simple:

  • You bring the item to our store
  • Our buyers will evaluate the product and agree on a price that is mutually agreeable
  • The buyer will inspect the product
  • If if everything is acceptable, the buyer will complete the transaction and give you cash
  • You need to e 18 years or older and must have a valid photo id to sell your product

Here are some tips to get the most money for your product

  • Make sure the product is clean and in good condition.
  • Bring all accessories and boxes if you have them
  • Make sure it is in working condition. We only buy items that are in working order.

If you have any questions please feel free to call our store at 905-796-7777. We buy quality used goods and open 7 days a week.