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Where To Sell Silver Flatware?

Are you looking for the most reliable and practical place to sell silver flatware? Many individuals have silver flatware; either they inherited their family’s silver-plated items, accepted silver tea sets as a wedding present that outlasted the marriage itself, or own silver-plated pieces they no longer use.

While silver has become unpopular, and gold is over 70 times more valuable than silver, you can still sell your silver items and put some money in your pocket.

What Is The Difference Between Pure Silver And Sterling Silver?

Pure silver has an actual silver content of 99.9%. It’s typically too soft and malleable for many applications, like creating most silver jewelry.

On the other hand, sterling silver is an alloy consisting of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other precious metals (like copper, nickel, or zinc) to make it less soft and more durable.

While sterling silver is more durable than pure silver, the other metals in the alloy make it more susceptible to tarnishing. Usually, these items are plated with a thin layer of pure silver to enhance the piece’s shimmer.

Is My Silverware Valuable?

Do you want to know if your silverware or silver plate items are even made of silver? A general guideline is that if the piece does not bear markings like sterling or 925, it’s undoubtedly a silver plate flatware except for more antique items.

Furthermore, there are often markings on the item that will tell you if it is silver-plated. If it contains remarks such as Silver-Plated, Electroplate, or Triple Plate, these are all signs that the item is silver-plated. Other makers’ imprints and letters you might notice include:

  • Coin: Contains 90% silver
  • 900: Another mark for coin silver
  • EPNS (Electroplated nickel silver): It contains much less silver than other varieties
  • EPC (Electroplated copper): It has much less silver than different types
  • I.S.: International Silver – Silver-plated silverware produced by the International Silver Company
  • Sterling inlaid: Another term for silver plate
  • Venetian silver: Has more silver than electroplated items, but less than sterling
  • Other: William Rogers, and 1847 for Rogers pieces


Places To Sell Silver Plated Items

Silver-plated items can be incredibly priceless due to their precious metal content if it is produced from solid sterling silver. Remember that nearly all silverware we see is made of nickel, copper, or brass plated with a tiny layer of silver coating the outside.

There are some places to sell silver plating. The one you choose will depend on many factors, like how fast you want cash, how quickly you need your items sold, and how much you wish to make.


An auction can help you acquire a higher price for collectible items rather than receiving an instant buyback cost from some silver dealers. They can estimate a guaranteed true value for the silverware. But note that an auction house will downsize the final selling price if your item sells, and there’s no assurance that you’ll meet a silver buyer.

Consignment Stores

You can attempt to sell the silver-plated flatware set at a local or online consignment store. The reliable consignment stores will help you sell your silverware quickly.

You’ll be lending a store your items to sell on your behalf. There will also be a commission fee for every successful sale. Do your research, verify the store’s selling guidelines, and choose the one that best fits your conditions and charges the lowest fees.

Pawn Shops

You will not walk away from a more direct or lucrative experience than at the pawnshop. These shops purchase silver items to resell them and make a profit. Hence, you can expect an offer price much lower than what you’d obtain from places specializing in buying silver.

Silver Recyclers

Silver recyclers prioritize collecting precious metals to recycle them. There are online silver recyclers and in-person businesses that recycle silverware. If you do choose an area silver recycler, you’ll be able to receive your money immediately.


Several people choose to sell their silver online to avoid visiting a dealer personally. Selling your silver online provides you access to dealers across many countries, and you can efficiently compare prices with various potential buyers.

Sell My Silver Flatware to Green Moolaa

Like selling jewelry, you can also sell your silver plated flatware. And when you are ready to have an appraisal for your sterling silver flatware, bring your silverware set to a trustworthy buy and sell company like Green Moolaa.

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