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What Can I Sell At A Pawn Shop?

Pawn shops not only offer loans in exchange for valuables, but they also buy items outright from customers to then resell. If you’re going through a hard, unexpected time in your life and require quick cash, a pawn shop can help.

Although you can sell nearly anything at a pawnshop, some valuables are in high demand and tend to pull in extra money over others. A pawn broker can appraise your item’s value at once, briefing you on its worth.

A pawn shop doesn’t just sell cheap items. They want valuables that will be easy to offer for sale. Learn more about what you can expect pawn shops to buy from you.

Best Things To Sell To Pawn Shops

    1. Jewelry

Jewelry is among the most in-demand items sold at a pawnshop, especially diamonds and gold jewelry. Diamond rings and other jewelry are very sought-after, especially after they’ve been appraised and are legit. Pawn shops sell pieces of jewelry and other precious metals and can assess the value of your gold and silver jewelry immediately and reliably.

    1. Electronics

Selling used electronics is one of the ways to get cash quickly. They are among the most high-value items you can sell to a pawn shop simply because they are easy to resell.

Example of Electronic Devices:

      • TVs
      • omputers
      • Laptops
      • Tablets
      • Digital Cameras
      • Cellphones
      • Gaming consoles

The money you acquire depends on the item’s age, working condition, market value, and desirability. For the most part, the more modern the product is, the greater the price you’ll fetch.

    1. Brand Name Watches

Many pawn shops are not really into watches except if they’re of high-value, authentic, and from a prominent brand. The price of a high-end luxury watch (like Cartier, Patek Philippe, Omega, Rolex, and Breitling) will be remarkably higher than a less-expensive watch (like Citizen, Victorinox, or Movado). Brands like Michael Kors may be famous, but it’s not a luxury with a high resale value.
Depending on how carefully you’ve maintained your watch, you might be able to retrieve a portion of your investment if you sell it to a pawn shop.

    1. Musical Instruments

Pawnbrokers typically offer a fair price and quick cash for musical instruments like guitars, keyboards, and drum sets. These items are typically easy to resell and can be pricey, making them favourable for a pawn shop.

    1. DVDs & Blu Ray Discs

Those old DVDs displayed in your house are worth much more than you may think. Undamaged DVDs and Blu-ray discs in excellent condition can be worth hundreds of dollars. The better the state, the more valuable it is. And, the newer the release, the more you’ll receive as well.

    1. Video Game Consoles

Although you can swap games at a local game shop, you’re more likely to get the most money pawning your old video games and gaming systems.
The amount you earn for your console depends on the system’s lifespan, the number of games available for that specific model, and how modern/in-demand it is. You’ll fetch less money with older versions since the demand is minimal.
Be sure that you have the original case and the game’s instruction manual and delete the entire data on it.

    1. Auto Rims

If you have a good set of rims that you don’t use anymore, sell it at your nearest pawn shop. Selling rims is another good way to get cash fast, although your item must be of good quality, work properly, and have the vital accessories necessary. Your auto rims will be unsellable if the centrepieces or other components are missing or damaged.

    1. Bicycles

Because of the popularity of biking, a pawn shop owner might give you a reasonable price for your used bike, especially if it’s high-end (like a professional cyclist bicycle).

Your bike will be checked for damages, mechanical problems, and overall condition. Obviously, a bike that is in perfect condition will sell faster and get you more money. Moreover, the price will depend on the type of bike and brand name.

    1. Power Tools

Good tools maintain their value reasonably and often sell for more in pawn shops than if they’re sold online or in a yard sale. Power drills and circular saws are good items to pawn and are frequently sought after. Commonly pawned tools are established and famous brand names that you’ll receive more money for such as Bosch, Milwaukee, and DeWalt.
They may take lesser-known brands if proven to function, but it can be trickier to sell those.

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