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Where To Sell Louis Moinet Watches

Thinking of selling your Louis Moinet brand watches or luxury watches? Green Moolaa has you covered. With over 16 years of experience buying and selling goods and jewellery, Green Moolaa will make sure you get the most out of your watches.

Sell With Green Moolaa

Why sell with Green Moolaa? Green Moolaa has over 16 years of experience serving the Brampton area allowing us to develop a large and diverse group of customers. Our experience over the years has also increased our understanding of product value. So, here at Green Moolaa, we understand the satisfaction and sophistication an art-based watch like a Louis Moinet can bring.

When selling your luxury watches, it’s also important to know when and where you’re selling your watches. If you’re selling watches that are only a couple of years old and are bought on a high frequency, then the watches might not sell for as much as you paid for them as it has high availability. Also the design, case material, and generation of the watch can factor into its sale because these factors can affect the price that the watch can be sold for. If the design and generation of the watch are recent then the watch might not sell well with common retailers. That is where Green Moolaa comes in.

Green Moolaa can aid in both the sale and attainment of a Louis Moinet watch and other high-end brands and luxury watches such as Rolex due to our long-standing place in the community and our trusted network of watchmakers and collectors.

Condition Of The Watches

When selling your Louis Moinet watches it’s important to examine the piece in full and assure that it is authentic and if it has any unique features or wears and tear. The condition of the piece can greatly affect its value and the ability to sell your Louis Moinet watches.

When examining the watch for authenticity, check the back of the watch for a stamp with the watch serial number, company name and the location of the company – in this case, Switzerland. Who was the watchmaker and what year it was made as time? These can affect the price of the watch. Once you’ve identified these stamps you can take the watch to Green Moolaa where we can have the watch authenticated and appraised.

Once the watch is authenticated, the examination of the watch and the materials it’s made out of is next. Begin by examining the watch for any sign of wear or tear. Are there any scuffs, scratches or cracks on the watch’s face, or band? Visible signs of wear and tear can bring down the value of the watch and void any water resistance. Once the watch has been examined for surface scratches it’s time to examine the features of the watch. Check the clasp type, dial, and band for any broken pieces and useability as this will affect the value of the watch.

Once any damage has been identified it’s important to determine the type of material that the watch is composed of – is it gold, white gold, titanium, silver or copper? The different types of material that the watch is composed of can greatly affect how much you can receive for your watch as some materials are in high demand in comparison to others.

Once the damage is identified, it’s important to identify the collection the watch belongs to as this can affect its resale value. Louis Moinet currently has three popular collections. The cosmic art collection features space art like a blue moon, astronauts and such. The Mechanical wonders collection features contemporary mechanical art. Finally, the Bespoke collection features handcrafted one-of-a-kind watches centred around clients’ specific tastes.


Being A Part of A Collection Will Increase Value

Knowing the collection the watch is part of is important to the resale value of the Louis Moinet because it lets us at Green Moolaa know the availability of the piece. If the watch is part of the bespoke collection it’s most likely going to be worth more due to its availability and how many are sold by Louis Moinet daily.

We Can Help Evaluate The Value of Your Luxury Watches

When evaluating your Louis Moinet and luxury watches Green Moolaa can help. Our experience in the buy and sell industry has helped us develop a wide range of skills and knowledge which can help us help you. If you decide to sell, buy or consign your Louis Moinet with Green Moolaa we will work to the best of our ability so you can get your money’s worth.