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Where To Sell TAG Heuer Watches

Are you planning to sell your Tag Heuer watch though uncertain where to sell it? Nowadays, selling your Tag Heuer watch is much easier than before due to the limitless group of luxury watch buyers. But trustworthy timepiece buyers who can give you unbiased and fair prices are not as many. The good news is, Green Moolaa can buy pre-owned watches and provide you with the highest achievable offer.

About TAG Heuer Watches

The luxury brand’s deep history started in 1860 when founder Edouard Heuer established his watchmaking business in Switzerland, Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG. Known at present as Tag Heuer, the company’s small beginnings are based on Heuer’s fondness for sport, accuracy, innovation, and performance.

In 1911, Heuer received a patent for the “Time of Trip,” the first dashboard chronograph designed for use in automobiles and aircraft. Then in 1914, Heuer adjusted to the development of wristwatches by producing his wrist chronographs.

The company’s expansion helped improve research and development, which eventually resulted in their next remarkable advancement. In 1916, Heuer established the Micrograph, the most accurate stopwatch that was accurate to 1/100 of a second. Then the company was acknowledged for its sports stopwatch reliability, making them the world’s leading sports timekeeper supplying chronographs for the Olympic Games and other world championships.

In 1963, Jack Heuer, the great-grandson of the founder, invented the Carrera chronograph, named after the treacherous Carrera Panamericana, a car race of the 1950s. The watch was the first timepiece created by Jack and exhibited a perfectly clean and highly legible display. The following year, he approached Willy Breitling and released Calibre 11 in 1969.

As befits the highly leading-edge watches, Tag Heuer launched a digital watch in 1975, the Chronosplit, with both an LCD and LED display. In 1985, Tag Heuer became the official timekeeper for Formula 1, maintaining their lasting relationship with the automobile industry.

The company’s watches became more intricate and started experimenting with the limitations of manufacturing capacity. Numerous models revere the company’s colourful history of supporting teams and clocking the world’s most prominent races – the Formula One Italian Grand Prix, the Carrera Pan-Americana, and the Monaco Grand Prix.


How To Get The Best Price For Your Pre-Owned Tag Heuer Watches

Have The Documentation

You can undoubtedly sell a pre-owned Tag Heuer without the original box and documents. However, keeping those will help present your watch’s authenticity and tempt prospective buyers of your timepiece to offer higher prices.  Most of the time, boxes and papers will add about 25% to the price of a watch.

Keep In Excellent Condition

Regular servicing is necessary as this prevents undue friction and wear. Functioning watches with all their original parts are ideal. If yours has been damaged or restored with components from another brand, this will negatively affect resale value. 

When not wearing your watch, it’s always best to store it in a box with soft linen to keep it from being scratched or vandalized.

Check The Timepiece Model

This is perhaps among the most evident criteria that play a part in the worth of your timepiece. Specific watch models are in greater demand than others, like vintage pieces or limited-edition. The watch model must be itemized on any watch paperwork that came with the timepiece and on the case.


Coveted Tag Heuer brand names

  • Carrera – Named after the Mexican road race, Carrera Panamericana, this brand’s robust lugs flaunted durability that feels solid and sturdy on the wrist and a metal crown for a sleek yet sporty vibe.
  • Monaco – Recognized as one of Heuer’s first automatic movement watches and is the first-ever square-shaped watch with a water-resistant case, Monaco’s provocative appearance defined an entire break from traditional watch style. Its connection with actor Steve McQueen has denoted this model as a phenom piece in their collection.
  • Aquaracer – The Aquaracer is perfect for water sports enthusiasts. The Aquaracer features a few fundamental characteristics of a dive watch: a 200m meter water resistance, double clasp on the bracelet, Super-LumiNova-treated hands and markers, and an all-steel dive bezel nail this down as a practical sports watch made for mass appeal.
  • Formula 1 – Tag Heuer Formula 1 is among the most iconic and favourite timepieces as this watch symbolizes the brand’s acclaimed role in racing and sport. Globally, these sporty and long-lasting watches were a tremendous success. 

Do Tag Heuer Watches Hold Their Value?

Luxury watches tend to hold a pretty great value as time goes by. This is because of the high-grade and priceless materials that have been utilized to create the timepiece. Timepieces made of stainless steel, sterling silver, platinum, or 14K or 18K gold will garner the best prices.

Another basis why they hold a good value is because they are fail-safe and continue to keep an appropriate time. This indicates that they can be marketed as working watches when other timepieces fail to function. Another critical aspect to think of is the demand for the watch. The higher the demand, the more a timepiece is worth.


Do Tag Watches Decrease In Value?

Tag Heuer watches have outstanding residual values due to their eligibility, credibility, and perfection. The resale market is tough and depending on the watch and its condition, the odds of a resale are usually high.


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