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***SOLD*** Pioneer SC-68 9.2 Chan Network Ready AV Receiver w/ warranty $799.99 ***SOLD***




This AV receiver is used, tested, in good condition. You can try it at our store. It comes with a remote control, wires and our store warranty!

Our price: $799.99 + tax (Please mention this ad in store to get advertised price and receive a gift from us!)
Retail price: $2,500 !!!

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Features and specs:

THX® Ultra 2 Plus and AIR Studios® Monitor Certified Class D3 amplification insures the highest quality home theater experience.
Industry first 32-bit Asynchronous USB DAC allows for the highest quality music playback from a direct connection PC or laptop.

Prepare yourself for the startlingly realistic impact of the new Pioneer Elite SC-68 A/V receiver. Delivering the next level of quality audio and video performance, the SC-68 arrives with the truest, most realistic fidelity for your home entertainment experience. Incorporating revolutionary features like THX Ultra 2 Plus certification and advanced network connectivity, the SC-68 has been designed for those who settle for nothing less than the very best in audio and video. Its state-of-the-art performance and specifications are the result of uncompromising standards of engineering, manufacturing and testing

Made for You–And your iPad®, iPhone® and iPod®
Thanks to Made for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad certification, Apple devices are easily connected with the included USB/video cable – so there’s no need to buy a separate dock to store all your music, videos, streaming content. Plus, since your iPhone, iPod and now your iPad charge automatically when connected, it’s the ultimate plug-and-play integration with your home theater. You can enjoy music with iTunes® album art, share videos and movies, downloaded TV shows from iTunes, photos, web content from YouTube® and much more. Got a call? The iPhone will mute movies and music so you can take it. Use the iPhone directly, or push a single button on the SC-68’s front panel to switch control to the included preset remote and an intuitive, full-color GUI.

With AirPlay, stream music from iTunes to the SC-68 and play it through your home theater system without docks or cables. Simply connect the receiver to your home network via Ethernet, and it instantly becomes the hub for playback of your iTunes music from your connected Apple® device or networked computer.
You can stream your music straight from your PC or Mac®, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the SC-68 at the touch of a button. Listen to your favorite song in your car using your iPhone, leave your car mid song and walk into your home. Using the AirPlay App on your iPhone, select the SC-68. When you do, it’ll power up automatically and continue your favorite song right where you left off.
You can even view song information including song title, artist, and track time as well as album art on a connected display. Not only that, the SC-68’s supports network audio sources in Zone 2, allowing you to send music to another room. With AirPlay, there’s really no reason why your iTunes music has to be restricted to your computer.

Connect to Your PC Music Files or Internet Radio
The SC-68’s networking ability opens up an entirely new world of possibilities. A rear panel Ethernet port allows full integration into your home network, with Windows® 7 and DLNA® 1.5 certification, a whole new level of entertainment options are at your fingertips. With 192kHz / 24-bit WAV and FLAC file compatibility, network streaming audio playback is now ready for the true audiophile. Stream your MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV and FLAC music files from your PC, laptop or smartphone to your home theater system. And, the SC-68 is first receiver to incorporate a precision 32-bit asynchronous USB DAC for direct PC or Laptop connection to the receiver for the best possible music file playback.
With vTuner®, the SC-68 lets you enjoy thousands of Internet radio stations from around the world. You can also access Pandora® and SiriusXMTM (subscription needed) radio services complete with on-screen album art and music information. An optional AS-WL300 wireless adapter is also available for your wireless network convenience.

Unleash Your Smartphone’s Music with Bluetooth® and MHL®
The SC-68 is fully ready for wireless Bluetooth audio from virtually any A2DP profile Bluetooth device. With the Pioneer AS-BT200 Bluetooth adapter, you can untether yourself from cables and inputs. Plus you’ll enjoy enriched quality with Sound Retriever AIR technology, created specifically to enhance Bluetooth audio.
Support for Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) lets you connect your Android smartphone via a front panel interface, for fast access to your mobile audio and video content.

True-to-Life, High-Definition Audio with THX® Ultra 2 Plus
Pioneer adds an extra dimension to the SC-68 by being the only multi-channel Class-D amplifier manufacturer to be awarded the coveted THX Ultra 2 Plus certification for the ultimate immersive surround sound experience for rooms up to 3000 square feet.
This is particularly meaningful to home theater enthusiasts. Filmmakers mix their audio tracks at a “Reference Level” of 85dB. This level is the basis for THX certification engineering and performance. The SC-68 can produce this level with all channels driven, meeting and exceeding THX performance requirements while maintaining our signature sound.
Of course, the SC-68 also supports high-definition audio formats like Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD® Master Audio, as well as new DTS® Neo:X surround, providing a 3-D surround experience for up to 11.2 channels.

Zone 4 HDMI Output
The SC-68 takes the multi-room media experience to a whole new level with Zone 2 and Zone 3 volume, tone, and balance controls, Zone 2 subwoofer output, plus a Zone 4 HDMI output, as well as access to the On-Screen Display for each zone.

Class D3 Amplification
The SC-68’s Class D3 9-channel amplifier is one of the most powerful amplifiers of any multi-channel A/V receiver Pioneer has ever produced. Keeping the new audio formats of the Blu-ray Disc® format in mind, Class D3 takes high-resolution multi-channel audio to a whole new level of immersive performance.
Rated at 140 watts x 9 channels with an 11.2-channel preout, the SC-68 delivers plenty of power, but it’s not the whole story. Where the SC-68 really shows its unprecedented power output capability is when driving multi-channels simultaneously without losing significant per-channel output. Class A/B amplifiers simply cannot match the efficiency of Class D3 as their power output per channel diminishes rapidly when more channels are added to the work-load. This kind of unprecedented power capability allows you to appreciate the full dynamics from any media source in a way never before possible. The ability to drive more channels, simultaneously, means you can fully reproduce all of the dynamics and impact of high definition multi-channel Dolby and DTS soundtracks with up to 9 channels of the highest quality power output available today.

Advanced Qdeo® Video Processing. Picture Perfect Whatever the Source
Using Qdeo processing technology and Pioneer’s extensive video know-how makes home theater a truly immersive experience. The SC-68 provides video conversion from composite and component video to HDMI for a single-wire high-definition audio and video solution as well as up to 1080p/24fps video scaling for an exceptional picture regardless of the source, creating natural and noise-free video for maximum performance and flexibility.
And with Pioneer’s Advanced Video Adjust , you’ll experience the very best in both high-definition and standard definition signals, with a complete suite of advanced image adjustments designed to fine-tune each of your video sources for the best possible picture.

Mastered by the Masters at AIR Studios®
The SC-68 has been sound “mastered” at legendary AIR Studios in London. While known for exceptional acoustics, leading-edge equipment, full orchestra motion picture soundtracks (like “Inception”), and creating recording history with Dire Straits “Brothers In Arms”–the first completely digital recording for CD and first million seller–our engineers know them from many years of professional collaboration.
The SC-68 was evaluated and modified at a prototype level to meet the very strict standards set forth by studio engineers, and in doing so was awarded AIR Studios Monitor Certification. The trained ears at AIR Studios know first-hand what goes into an artist’s craft and their objective is perfectly in-line with that of Pioneer: to accurately reproduce in the home theater what the artist originally created in the studio.

Get Ready for 3D with the Latest HDMI® Technology
All of Pioneer’s newest receivers support the latest HDMI specifications. So not only do you get the most out of your existing movies and music, with the SC-68 you’re prepared for the new generation of 3D video content. With 8 HDMI inputs and 3 HDMI outputs, you’ve got plenty of connectivity options for the growing number of high-definition sources available including 4k2k video signals. The SC-68 also offers advanced HDMI conveniences like Audio Return Channel and Power Save HDMI Standby Through

Transform your Apple Device into a Powerful Remote Control
Communicating with the SC-68 wirelessly through your home network, Pioneer’s free iControlAV2012 app turns your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad device or select Android devices into a powerful remote control for your receiver. The all new iControlAV2012 is fully redesigned, incorporating everything from basic volume and input selection to advanced features like EQ adjustments and Internet Radio control. iControlAV2012 for iPad includes enhanced features like vertical and horizontal orientation, intuitive control of music from networked PCs as well as Internet radio control, and a super-cool finger EQ adjust screen; simply draw the EQ curve to your desired sound preference. New Sound Explorer gives you easy access to experiment with the many powerful sound enhancements the SC-68 offers, like Hi-Bit 32, Full Band Auto Phase Control Plus, and Virtual Speaker modes.

Full-Color On-Screen Graphical User Interface and On-Screen Overlay
All of the SC-68’s advanced control and connectivity options are made even better with a full-color user interface via HDMI on your connected TV. Effortlessly navigate through the SC-68’s menu and enjoy iTunes album art from a connected Apple device. An on-screen overlay provides on-screen confirmation of sound adjustments without taking you away from what you’re watching.

Ideal for Custom Home Theater Installation
The Elite series was designed with an eye toward custom-installed home theater solutions, with features to match. Multi-zone AV capability with support for Zone2 with HD Component video output, Zone 3 AV, and even a Zone 4 HDMi output allows you to watch independent HD video’s in up to 3 different rooms while listening to music in another room. An RS-232 bus connection allows custom installers access into the “control brain” of the SC-68, and an advance PC setup option is available to CI integrators. The SC-68 is compatible with popular “whole-house” entertainment systems such as Crestron, AMX, Control 4, Universal, Savant, and RTI, and its IP capabilities allow users to control their entertainment system via a home network.
All this plus support for Pioneer Apps, 3rd party control devices, custom-ready detachable power cord, and IR in/out for universal remotes make the Elite series the ultimate answer for a custom home entertainment solution.


* Amplifier Design Class D3
* Channels 9.2
* Power Output: Watts per Channel 140 x 9 (1kHz)
* 4 OHM Speaker YES
* Estimated Power Consumption 370 Watts


* AirPlay YES
* Supported Apple Devices 4th gen Nano and above / iPhone, 3G, 3GS, 4 / iPad, iPad2
* Supplied iPad/iPhone/iPod A/V Cable YES
* iTunes Album Art YES
* Internet Radio vTuner
* Sirius Radio via Internet w/ subscription
* USB Formats MP3, WMA, iPod Digital, WAV 192kHz, FLAC 192kHz, JPEG
* Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad Certified iPod/iPhone/iPad
* iControlAV Application iControlAV2012(iPad, iPhone, Android)
* iTunes Movie / TV / Video Playback via cable YES
* YouTube Video Playback via Supplied A/V Cable YES
* Pandora Radio YES
* DLNA 1.5 Certified YES
* Network Audio Formats LPCM, WAV 192kHz, MP3, ACC, WMA, FLAC 192kHz


* Digital Core DSP Engine TI Aureus x 2
* THX™ Certification Ultra 2 Plus
* 192K/24-Bit DACs 192kHz/32-Bit
* Dolby Digital plus YES
* DTS-HD Master Audio YES
* Air Studios Certification YES
* iPod Digital Audio YES
* Dolby True HD YES
* Dolby Pro-Logic IIz YES


* Phase Control Full Band / Auto / Plus
* Manual MCACC YES
* EQ Bands 9
* MCACC Memory 6
* Distance Adjustment 1/2 Inch
* Polarity Check YES
* Auto MCACC Advanced YES
* Standing Wave Control YES
* Symmetric EQ YES
* X-Curve YES
* Precision Distance YES
* Auto Subwoofer Crossover YES


* Auto Surround YES
* Optimum Surround YES
* Advanced Surround 15 + Headphone Surround
* Front Stage Surround Advance Yes (Focus/Wide)
* Virtual Surround Back YES
* Virtual Depth YES
* Auto Level Control Multi-Channel
* Stream Direct Direct / Pure Direct
* Wide Surround YES
* Headphone Surround YES
* Virtual Height YES
* Virtual Wide YES


* USB DAC Yes (Rear Panel B-Type)
* High-bit. High sampling Hi-bit24
* QLS Jitter Reduction HDMI Bitstream/ Multi
* Advanced Sound Retriever Multi-Channel / Auto with ARC
* Digital Noise Reduction YES
* Sound Delay (Lip Sync) 10-Frames
* Bi-Amp Front / Center / Surround / B-Speaker
* DSD Music File Yes (Front Panel USB)
* DSD to PCM Converter Multi-Channel
* Dialog Enhancement YES
* Sound Retriever AIR YES
* Tone Control Multi Channel
* Speaker A/B YES


* 4K Ultra HD Passthrough YES
* Audio Return Channel YES
* HDMI x.v. Color YES
* Video Scaler Marvell Qdeo up to 1080p / 24fps
* Pure Cinema YES
* 3-D Ready YES
* HDMI 36-bit Deep Color YES
* Video Converter to HDMI YES
* Stream Smoother YES
* Video Parameter Adjustments Advanced Video Adjust – HD Sources Progressive Motion – YNR, CNR, BNR, MNR, Detail, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Chroma, Black level


* HDMI Input / Output 8 In / 3 Out
* Component Video Input / Output 3 In / 1 Out
* USB Memory Input Yes (MP3 / WMA / WAV 192kHz / FLAC 192kHz, JPEG)
* Composite A/V Input / Output 4 In / 1 Out
* Digital Inputs / Output 4 In / 1 Out
* Pre-Amp Outputs 9.1 Channel (11.2 Terminals)
* Front A/V Inputs HDMI or MHL / USB / Composite Video
* Wireless Adapter Port AS-BT200 / Air Jam App
* iPhone / iPod Front USB / Composite Video
* Ethernet Input YES
* Analog Audio Inputs / Output 2 In
* Multi-Channel Inputs 7.1
* Headphone Output YES
* AM/FM Presets 63


* On-Screen Display GUI with Album Art
* Zone 2 Sources DVD, Sat/CBL, DVR/BDR, Internet radio, SiriusXM, Pandora, Media Server, Favorites, iPod/USB, TV, CD, Tuner, Adapter Port
* Zone 2 Component video Out YES
* RS-232C YES
* Multi-Zone On-Screen Display Yes (Z2 & Z3)
* AVNavigator YES
* IP Control for CI YES
* Versatile Speaker Configuration 10 Mode (Bi-Amp / Zone 2 / B-Speaker / Surround Back / Front Height / Dront Width
* Function Rename YES
* Sleep Timer YES
* Multi-Room and Source Output 3 Zone AV / Zone 4 HDMI
* Zone 3 Sources DVD, Sat/CBL, DVR/BDR, Internet radio, SiriusXM, Pandora, Media Server, Favorites, iPod/USB, TV, CD, Tuner, Adapter Port
* 12 Volt Trigger (Assignable) Yes
* IR Serial Remote In/Out 2 In / 1 Out
* Network Firmware Update Ethernet / USB
* PC Set-Up With Remote Maintenance
* PreAmp Mode Yes (Front Off, Front & Center Off)
* FL Dimmer YES
* Remote Learning
* Detachable Power Cord YES


* Front Panel Aluminum (Hairline)
* Transformer Stabilizer YES
* Large Speaker Terminals ALL
* 3-D Space Frame Design YES
* Advanced Direct Construction YES


* W x H x D (inches) 17.13 x 7.28 x 17.36
* Weight 39.2 lbs

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